Our research has been discussed in various written and auditive formats (for a selection, see below). To read about our latest research, please visit my blog at Psychology Today. 


BELTZ. More I, more You, more We. Personality development in romantic relationships. 


Psychology Today. How “I” shapes “We”. On the web of connections between personality and romantic relationships. 

Newspapers and Magazines 

2023 | ZEIT Magazin. First love
2023 | NZZ am Sonntag. For ever and always – almost
2022 | Nürnberger Zeitung. Single women: We can manage ourselves  
2021 | Psychologie Heute. How partners form us 
2020 | Psychology Today. A better you 
2020 | Spiegel Online. 30, Single, and happy 
2020 | Interview. Having a realistic vision is important 
2019 | The EJP Blog. A conversation with Janina Bühler 
2019 | Welt Kompakt. How life goals change over time 
2019 | Basler ZeitungFewer divorces in Basel: Insecure times, longer marriages 

Radio and Podcast

2022 | Deutschlandfunk Nova. Dating: How to overcome old patterns?
2022 | Podcast Beziehungsweise
. The first flat as a couple: How important is moving in together? 
2020 | Podcast Dreimalklug. The origins of relationship behavior 
2019 | JSPR Relationship Matters PodcastDoes Michelangelo care about age? 
2015 | NZZ Campus. The rat race of digitalization