My research program is dedicated to providing a better understanding of personality development, relationship development, and how both developmental processes work together. 

Personality Development

To better understand personality development, we tested how personality manifests and develops along the actor, agent, and author (Bühler, Weidmann, & Grob, 2020), and examined the content, processes, and outcomes of life goals across the life span (Bühler, Weidmann, Nikitin, & Grob, 2019). Moreover, we studied personality development in romantic relationships (Bühler, Finkenauer, & Grob, 2020; Bühler, Weidmann, Kumashiro, & Grob, 2019; Bühler, Finkenauer, & Grob, 2020), and explored relationship processes that underlie personality development in romantic couples (Bühler, Weidmann, Wünsche, Burris, & Grob, 2020).

Relationship Development 

To gain insights into relationship development, we compiled and systematically evaluated data from more than 165,000 people aged 20 to 76 in relationships spanning from 3 months to 46 years in length (Bühler, Krauss, & Orth, 2021). Moreover, we discussed how people approach, organize, and maintain their social relationships (Bühler & Nikitin, 2020), and used narrative diagnostics and methodologies to better understand relationship development (Bühler & Dunlop, 2019; Bühler, Maghsoodi, & McAdams, 2017; Dunlop, Bühler, Maghsoodi, Harake, Wilkinson, & McAdams, 2020).